Benefits of Additional Tuition

The benefits of private tuition is that your child has focused support on a one-to-one or small-group (up to 6) basis. This allows for any misconceptions to be identified quickly and addressed in the moment, overcoming learning obstacles. This is not always accessible in schools with today’s class sizes.

Our tutoring is tailored to meet the specific needs of the learner and can be adapted to include hobbies or special interests to aid learning. This level of additional support improves children’s self-esteem, confidence, improves academic attainment, and provides them with skills that they can apply in school.

Our tutoring service caters for single or small group sessions and provides the following support;


In early reading, phonic knowledge is integral to the development of your child’s reading ability. In Year 1, all children complete a government Phonics Screening assessment with the process repeated for those who did not achieve the pass mark in Year 2. Our interventions can build on current knowledge, identify and address phonic gaps, and develop reading fluency.

Our service also caters for Guided Reading sessions across all primary ages. This develops comprehension skills, reading fluency, and teaches techniques for information retrieval from text.


We support the development of key writing skills across all primary year groups as set out within the national curriculum including spelling, punctuation, and grammar.


Our maths support can be matched with your child’s current learning in school. This can be used to address misconceptions and also develop their learning further using a Mastery approach to Maths.


Sessions can be adapted to include homework support as part of the child’s learning.